why choose us?

The company aims to develop towards public, urban, commercial and architectural lighting. The vision is to create a light design company that attacks light based on more dimensions and thus creates installations that interact with surroundings and form.
The mission is to create a business that is easy to buy from, easy to deal with and easy to communicate with, which has quick results and efficient solutions without losing quality or service. We have therefore designed our service in package forms that you can shop directly here in the webshop. We have several different packages developed and designed to easily deliver our product. We do not cooperate with any luminaire company and can therefore choose luminaires that best suite the project. We sell a light image not a luminaire.
The company has freedom in luminaire selection and can create light images with the project's needs in focus and can therefore also undertake all types of projects without much limitation. We use the entire luminaire market as our catalog.
All projects are carried out in market-compatible software and work is built in 3D environment.

We offer light planning services that are adapted to companies with fewer projects and / or smaller-sized projects where a consultant per hour or full-time employee lighting planner is not profitable. For light design there is a 4 step program to buy in the web shop. Or buy a stand-alone project in the web shop.